The True Cost of Motherhood for Women

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If you knew that having a child would decrease the amount of money you made over your lifetime by six percent, would you still do it? How about if it dented your lifetime earnings by 24 percent?

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A new study finds that skilled women pay a huge price for having children. The article states that “The longer high-skilled women wait to have kids, the smaller their economic sacrifice becomes.” How are women supposed to live the lives they want, building families and relationships, if we have to sacrifice, just to take care of them. Itn’t it the women who have children who need money the most, rather than less money?


Eating Disorders: Risk of Death

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TUESDAY, July 5 (HealthDay News) — People with eating disorders, especially those with anorexia nervosa, have an increased risk of death, a new study indicates. English researchers analyzed 36 English-language studies — published between January 2006 and September 2010 — that looked at anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and eating disorders not otherwise specified. Anorexics mistakenly believe they are fat and deny themselves food. Bulimics overeat and purge, usually by vomiting or using laxatives.

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I think that eating disorders are so common nowadays that they are not taken as seriously as they should be. This could be under OR overeating. Many women feel like they have no choice but to purge or even use laxatives to alter their bodies to look thin. I think that it is our responsibility to educate youth about issues like this, as it is fatal.

Higher Education for Women

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Please check out this website, it’s the American Association of University Professors and it talks all about women and how they are dominating in higher education! The website speaks about gender equity, and resources on women in higher education. Lots of good information! I’m proud that women, who are young, single, married, full time workers, full time mother’s, and whatever else can achieve such great achievements! I believe one day men and women will be equal because of this growing education achievement status for women!

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How’s Your Sex Life?

I found this video clip to be pretty funny, but true. This video gave some really good tips on making your sex life better. I think that if couples would take the time to get to know each other and began to really hear the heart of the person that they are with, their relationship ship would be great and sex life would be wonderful. In any relationship sex is important, and don’t you think that it should be productive and enjoyable. I say take some of these tips and watch your relationship go to the next level.

Wow!! Sexual Surrogate……..

This video clip was very interesting. It shows how two people who are really in love are having sexual issues. Many of the issues are because of past experiences. Religion had a part in the shameful feelings in what was wrong or right in the bedroom. Malestation had a part in the sexual dysfuntion also. I can see how both issues could have a very big part and can create uncomfortable feelings in the bedroom. The sex therapist has been called in to help solve the issues between the couple, so that they can have a healthy and productive sex life. Although, I personally would probably be kind of shy in telling a therapist my issues, just because I would be afraid of being embarrassed. I think this could be the answer to issues behind the bedroom door!

Changing Roles of Men and Women. Men Glad to help?

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Contrary to longstanding theories of gender and psychology, women and men can benefit by taking on more than one traditional social role, such as worker or parent, report two researchers in the October issue of American Psychologist.

In the last 30 years, more women have joined the work force and more men have taken on household tasks. Commonly accepted gender theories suggest that juggling these work and family roles has introduced distress in families, but Janet Hyde, a UW-Madison psychology professor who co-authored the paper, says she’s found quite the opposite.

“We used to think that multiple roles and their balancing caused people stress,” Hyde explains. “However, the research shows that multiple roles are beneficial, thereby overturning the classical theories.”


It seems that more and more couples are splitting housework, child care, and working, more men are helping out contrary to how things were just 10-20 years ago. It’s either becuase a lot of men grew up with single parent houses and know what their mom’s went threw. A lot of men are pushing to change the gender roles we grew up with because studies have shown it makes man and women more happy when they both help. Women ge to rest or chase after their dreams and men feel like they are helping with the raising of their child.


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Ya know, no matter what her verdict was, NO ONE can say this woman did NOT neglect nor abuse her child if she was missing for an entire month and this mother did not report her missing! If that is not neglect, then I do not understand the verdict for Casey Anthony today.  Mothers like her, Andrea Yates, Diane Downs… these women are OBVIOUSLY not in a healthy mental state.  I feel so deeply sorry for those innocent children that are brought into this world by mother’s who do not have the mental capacity to raise and love their children. Check out CNN for more news about Casey’s trial.


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Son comes home to his parents house with a girl and things get a little steamy. As things begin to get hot…the mom walks in secretively to tell her son a few things about sex (visually). All while the girl has no idea that his mom is right there.  Basically the mom was giving him a sex talk while her son was getting it on…What kind of sick “sex talk” is this????

I think this is horrible! However, this typically happens all the time. The son or daughter engages in some type of sexual behavior or act before getting educated by their parents.  It’s only after the fact when their parents begin to talk to their children about sex….and this doesn’t even always happen. It is imperative that parents teach our children about sex and the positive and negative consequences that are related to sex. Otherwise, it may be too late…and our kids may be having kids.

Hard Workers

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Bobbretta has worked as a volunteer in the community for more than 40 years and has dedicated herself to improving the lives of children and families who are disconnected from mainstream society. Her work has crossed ethnic, religious and political divides, always seeking to improve the lives of those disenfranchised and left behind”

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I found this informatin to be a good and empowering. To see so many women who have dedicated thier lives to serving and helping others. Not because they wanted recognition for it but becasue they are passionate about their work for. Dr. Bobbretta Brewton is someone I can look up to. Seeing powerful black women doing what they can and love to do to help communities passing a racial and religious barrier. She see’s the real issue and addresses it which is helping children and families in need. Her summer program with reaching out to families who are looking to help their children academic wise and giving the tools they need to succeed not only for school but life.

Women Feeling Bad After Sex












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Everywhere you look sex is being hyped. You know … in the movies two people meet and before they even know each other’s last names they’re having sex. You listen to popular music and hear lyrics about sex, sex, sex and how great it is. So what’s wrong with you? You’re having sex, but how do you feel?


? Used ? Confused ? Rejected ? Guilty

? Angry ? Lonely ? Scared ? Sad


Guess what? Nothing is wrong with you. In fact, you are like most women your age. If they were really honest like you’re being now, they would say the same thing. If you want to understand why you feel like you do, take this quiz:


It’s important for woman to understand that it’s ok to not want to have sex or feeling bad after sex becasuse sometimes the sex is unwanted from soemone your with. This article does a great job of explaining how sometimes men push women into having sex with them without raping them because the sex is consentual but unwanted.