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Wow!! Sexual Surrogate……..

This video clip was very interesting. It shows how two people who are really in love are having sexual issues. Many of the issues are because of past experiences. Religion had a part in the shameful feelings in what was wrong or right in the bedroom. Malestation had a part in the sexual dysfuntion also. I can see how both issues could have a very big part and can create uncomfortable feelings in the bedroom. The sex therapist has been called in to help solve the issues between the couple, so that they can have a healthy and productive sex life. Although, I personally would probably be kind of shy in telling a therapist my issues, just because I would be afraid of being embarrassed. I think this could be the answer to issues behind the bedroom door!


Women Feeling Bad After Sex












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Everywhere you look sex is being hyped. You know … in the movies two people meet and before they even know each other’s last names they’re having sex. You listen to popular music and hear lyrics about sex, sex, sex and how great it is. So what’s wrong with you? You’re having sex, but how do you feel?


? Used ? Confused ? Rejected ? Guilty

? Angry ? Lonely ? Scared ? Sad


Guess what? Nothing is wrong with you. In fact, you are like most women your age. If they were really honest like you’re being now, they would say the same thing. If you want to understand why you feel like you do, take this quiz:


It’s important for woman to understand that it’s ok to not want to have sex or feeling bad after sex becasuse sometimes the sex is unwanted from soemone your with. This article does a great job of explaining how sometimes men push women into having sex with them without raping them because the sex is consentual but unwanted.

Prostitution: Modern-Day Slavery

Marlene Houston founded a research and rescue organization for victims of human trafficking and prostitution in Columbus, Ohio. She herself fell victim of Human Trafficking at the age of 15. In this article, she is being interviewed about how she is was forced to prostitute and how she started her organization. This Article is apart of a series of blogs that CNN has put together called the Freedom Project: Ending modern day slavery. To read more about the Freedom project click here


Girls Want to Talk About Sex — With Dad?

“Studies have concluded that girls who have open communication with their fathers — about everything — tend to have intercourse later in life and also have fewer sexual partners, both of which can be very good for sexual and mental health.Specifically, they wanted to hear stuff only guys would know, about how to communicate with men and what the carnal landscape looked like from a male’s vantage point. “They felt that if they could have been more comfortable talking with their fathers about issues around sex, they might have been more comfortable talking to boyfriends or potential sexual partners about them,” says Hutchinson Image and Article from Time

This article and study was really shocking to me. In our society, it seems acceptable for the father to talk to their son and the mother to talk to their daughter about sex. I feel that because the parent and the child is of the same sex, it would be less awkward. In this article, it discusses how daughters felt more comfortable talking to their fathers about sex. I know from my experience, it is uncomfortable, as it is to talk to parents about sexuality period. Being a female and having to talk to my father about sex would be the most uncomfortable circumstance. I do think that daughters may be able to obtain more information, through a male perspective about issues surrounding sex. I wonder if a daughter that is a lesbian would prefer to talk to her mother or father? It was definitely an interesting article to read. I didn’t expect a daughter would actually prefer to talk to her father about sex rather than her mother.

Control Your Whore-Mones!

Slut Shame: Attacking Women For Their Sex Lives
Oldspeak: “In 2011, it’s still considered perfectly acceptable to attack women based on their supposed sluttiness. Sexual patriarchy and gender based double standards are still perpetuated, and it’s not just men who are perpetuating it, women are as well. Meanwhile men are congratulated and celebrated for their sluttiness and promiscuity.”

A taboo topic, indeed! This issue is tied to our deepest notions about what it means to be a woman, and whether our sexual choices are ours to make freely or not.   The issue that I have with this topic is the MAJOR difference between the cultural response to men and women having sex.  Why is there such a MAJOR difference in the labels to men/women who have sex. Women are labeled sluts and men are labeled studs!  Is the expectation of our society that women not have sexual feelings. Why do women have to wait for a man to decide when sex will occur? Women have desires and should be able to openly make choices without being labeled a “Whore” or “Slut”.   Women’s bodies have been given the magical gift of being able to produce babies. They have also been given the magical gift of sexual desires! It is a personal choice. I think more women should discuss their sex lives freely and let’s stop making a natural desire into a taboo topic!

Prejudice Linked to Women’s Mentrual Cycle

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Women’s bias against male strangers increases when women are fertile, suggesting prejudice may be partly fueled by genetics, according to a study by Michigan State University psychology researchers.

They found that fertile women were more biased against men of different races and men of different social groups than men of their own group.

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Research was conducted within two groups of women, by examining their changing attitudes toward men during their menstrual cycle. According to the research, the team’s findings are consistent with the idea that women’s prejudice may reflect the workings of an evolved psychological system that once functioned to protect them from sexual coercion, particularly when the costs are highest – that is, when women are fertile.

The results of this research associates women’s prejudice towards men of specific race is more predominant when women are menstruating. Prior to this article, I have never heard of anything like this ever. I am not too sure that I can say that I completely agree with this, but according to this specific research it is evident that some women do experience this feelings and emotions.

Birds and the Bees Talk or Megabytes and the Mouse Surf: How Do Youth Learn About Sexual Health?

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In the past parents worried about the inaccurate sexual health information their children were learning from other children. While that is still a concern this article shows that the internet is a preferred resource for youth these days.

“The Internet isn’t just about fun and games for young people anymore,” said Victoria Rideout, Vice President and Director of the Program for the Study of Entertainment Media and Health at the Kaiser Family Foundation. “We need to pay attention to the quality and reliability of the health information reaching this important audience through the Internet.”…..about four in ten (44%) online youth have turned to the Internet for information about sexual health, including pregnancy, birth control, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, and about one in four have looked up information on weight issues (25%), mental health (23%), drugs and alcohol (23%), and violence (23%)”.

This website has many articles about sexual heath and a Q&A section so that questions can be answered by sexual health experts. I am really glad to know that as youth surf the web for sexual health information there are some good web islands out there to land on. This is also beneficial to parents and healthcare providers as they educate youth about their bodies and health.

Fighting the Texas Sonogram Bill to Keep Women’s Rights

Texas recently passed a bill requiring pregnant women to get a sonogram from a doctor, and for that doctor to describe the biological processes of the child.  This is another obstacle for women seeking abortions, becuase they have to make another appointment and pay for the appointment and sonogram.  I also feel that this goes against the protection of privacy afforded by Roe V. Wade.  The doctor is supposed to be there to council and educate the pregnant woman, not to provide a Republican-fueled guilt trip to a woman who has already made her decision.


“That’s the new word to describe a so called “new breed” of pregnant women who are desperate to keep the nine months of weight gain to an absolute minimum.”

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” New York Post reports that celebrities like Bethany Frankel and Victoria Beckham who all managed to stay relatively thin while pregnant — and quickly lost any extra padding after — could be to blame, causing some to feel insecure and taking their quest to stay slim to the extreme.”

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This article talks about how woman are going to dangerous extremes to stay as thin as possible during pregnancy. This includes early c-sections to prevent extra month of weight gain, as well as poor eating habits. I feel that this is very dangerous to the mother and the fetus. This is a time that both the woman and fetus need adequate nutrition in order to prevent complications. I do not think it is a time to be concerned about the amount of weight that is gained.

I would think that this was the one time women looked forward to, pregnancy! It seems like the best excuse for women to demand and fulfill all their crazy cravings at whatever time they wanted and not feel guilty about it. Surprisingly, this is not the case. It seems as though these women are more focused primarily on themselves and how THEY will look after the birth, rather  than the well-being of the developing baby. I can’t believe that society has put so much pressure on women, that they are now willing to put their lives and the lives of their future newborns in jeopardy just so they could look appealing and feel worthy in the eyes of others. It is outrageous.

Oops Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood of North Carolina (PPNC), which has nine clinics across the state, provides affordable birth control, preventative health care and family planning services to over 25,000 men and women. Without the $434,000 a year it usually receives in state and federal funds, Planned Parenthood says it will now have to axe its teen pregnancy prevention and adolescent parenting programs and force its low-income patients to pay out of pocket.

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I do not understand why North Carolina would think that cutting off the federal funds for Planned Parenthood will help anyone.  If you force low-income patients to pay out of pocket, they won’t get the help they need.  I think that preventative measures should be taken to reduce unwanted pregnancies, and this is just asking for trouble.  What do you think?



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