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Casual Sex is like a tattoo

This is a promo that talks about the effects of having casual sex for the long term.Is a good thing? is it a bad thing?  What last longer a marraige where you live togeather first or if u wait? And the list goes on.I think one should wait until they are married to live togeather.This video talks about the long terms effects and is it worth it.Like a tattoo are you going to want it 15 years later will it still look good?


How’s Your Sex Life?

I found this video clip to be pretty funny, but true. This video gave some really good tips on making your sex life better. I think that if couples would take the time to get to know each other and began to really hear the heart of the person that they are with, their relationship ship would be great and sex life would be wonderful. In any relationship sex is important, and don’t you think that it should be productive and enjoyable. I say take some of these tips and watch your relationship go to the next level.

Women Feeling Bad After Sex












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Everywhere you look sex is being hyped. You know … in the movies two people meet and before they even know each other’s last names they’re having sex. You listen to popular music and hear lyrics about sex, sex, sex and how great it is. So what’s wrong with you? You’re having sex, but how do you feel?


? Used ? Confused ? Rejected ? Guilty

? Angry ? Lonely ? Scared ? Sad


Guess what? Nothing is wrong with you. In fact, you are like most women your age. If they were really honest like you’re being now, they would say the same thing. If you want to understand why you feel like you do, take this quiz:


It’s important for woman to understand that it’s ok to not want to have sex or feeling bad after sex becasuse sometimes the sex is unwanted from soemone your with. This article does a great job of explaining how sometimes men push women into having sex with them without raping them because the sex is consentual but unwanted.

Feminism Keeps Men from Growing Up?


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In her new book, Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys, Kay Hymowitz  discusses how the rise of feminism, more women being independent and not needing a husband has “forced” men to remain child like and immature.

Really?  For some reason I don’t think feminism created this issue, if it’s really an issue at all.  Not all women are looking for a husband, some are looking for a wife.  This is also another way to foster negative attitudes toward feminism and feminist.


Using games to raise awareness for domestic violence

I think the premise of this contest is great: you design a game without using violence to teach about it.  This contest has been going on for a few years, and although the games are a little cheesy, I think that they are great at preparing teens for how to recognize signs of a potentially harmful relationship.  I just hope this website can gain some visibility. is a website created by Drew Crecente, whose teenage daughter was a victim of dating violence, and contains information and resources on domestic violence.

Parents Allowing Teen Sex in the Home

“Whatever happened to the old “not-under-my-roof” when it comes to teenagers having sex? Well, some parents say it just isn’t practical.

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A  parent in favor:
“I’d rather he do it here than somewhere else,” Skudlarek tells the network. “With the kids having sex at home, it’s a safer environment … And usually the place they keep the condoms are in their bedroom.”

A parent against:
“Letting kids have sex at home is like letting them drink alcohol, Ritchie Steinmann, the father of two teens, tells ABC. ‘You don’t drink in my home. You don’t bring home a girl or a boy and close the door and run around in my home. It’s the decency and sanctity of what we call home’.”

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This article talks about the how parents are accepting and even encouraging their teenagers to have sex in their own home. Some parent’s argue that they would much rather know who their teenager is having sex with. They would also be more comfortable knowing that there is one long-term partner rather than multiple. But most importantly, to make sure that their teenagers have condoms readily available to them and that they are in a clean environment, unlike some motel. On the other hand, some parents argue that letting teenagers have sex in their own home is disturbing and inappropriate, they believe that parents should draw boundaries and encourage their teenagers to wait to have sex till they are older.

Some parents encourage safe sex but they do not take in to consideration WHERE their teenagers are having sex. Would a measure like this encourage teenagers to practice safe sex, openly discuss their relationships and partners with their parents, and in the long run avoid unplanned pregnancies and abortions?

Do you think allowing teenagers to have sex in their own home is beneficial, acceptable, and safer?

Lingerie Ad Banned

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This article is about a Vogue advertisment for lingerie. They pulled this ad from the magazine because it was said to be “too sexy”. There were claims that looking through the key hole at this woman was an invasion of privacy as well as inappropriate because she is touching herself which could give the idea that she is masturbating.

I think this ad is perfectly acceptable, yes she is holding on to the top of her panties and yes you are looking in through a key hole. Yet, that gives it an intimate feel and perhaps she could be interpreted as masturbating. Is that so wrong? It isn’t taboo for men to talk about masturbation but with women it is almost unheard of. I say publish this ad and give women a voice, “we are sexual beings too”.

Can ‘Lost’ actor, 51, legally marry a 16 year old??

“How is it legal for that creepy 51-year-old actor to marry a 16-year-old? Can he get arrested if they go to a state that has a different age of consent?”

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Apparently actor, Doug Anthony Hutchinson, 51, and aspiring country singer Courtney Alexis Stodden, 16, recently married in Las Vegas within the month of May. According to marriage license laws within Nevada, as long as the minor has an original birth certificate and at least one consenting parent, then a marriage license can be obtained. According to the article, both of the young girl’s parents approve of this marriage.

Personally, I do not agree with this marriage. Despite the fact that the two have stated that they truly love each other, I feel that at the age of 16, not many people really know what love is. It is apparent that the young bride, Stodden is trying to pursue a singing career and I believe that this may have a lot to do with her marriage to Hutchinson. The fact that Hutchinson is a famous actor, this could be a way that Courtney can advance her singing career. Overall this situation is a bit disturbing, but who knows maybe they really are in love?!

Play Nice!



I thought this video depicted the relationship between a single mom and her child and the potential partner. As soon as the single mom opens the door and welcomes her date in, she introduces her child and date nonchalantly as if its not a big deal that mom is going on a date (who is not daddy). As the mom walks away, she tells her child to “play nice” while she can put her flowers in water.  While she walks away, her date stares her down and then begins to make small talk with her son. The son slaps the date hand away as he reaches for the Doritos and states “keep your hands off of my momma, and keep your hands off my Doritos.”

Here are things that concern me about this ad and the relationship:

1. Does this single mom not have standards and just lets any guy meet her son?

2. Where is the babysitter watching her son as she is getting ready to leave on a date?

3. What kind of relationship does the mom and her son have? The son almost seems as if he’s the parent.

Women That Love Too Hard


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“The main premise of the book deals with relationship addiction, and describes loving too much as a pattern of thought and behavior which certain women develop as a response to problems from childhood. The author views these women as destructive as heroin users jabbing needles in their arms.”

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So the author of Women Love Too Hard does not in any way help women. The negative characters have such dramatic backgrounds that sends a negative message that if a couple was to be together and show affection strongly and deeply the partner man or woman could be linked to having issues that she did not overcome in her childhood…thats why she is so passionate about her companion. It makes me a little upset to see this. Although it is a book I see it as just being happy with the person you are attached to emotionally. Why does the woman have to have issues regarding her childhood and becoming a heroine addict?