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Eating Disorders: Risk of Death

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TUESDAY, July 5 (HealthDay News) — People with eating disorders, especially those with anorexia nervosa, have an increased risk of death, a new study indicates. English researchers analyzed 36 English-language studies — published between January 2006 and September 2010 — that looked at anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and eating disorders not otherwise specified. Anorexics mistakenly believe they are fat and deny themselves food. Bulimics overeat and purge, usually by vomiting or using laxatives.

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I think that eating disorders are so common nowadays that they are not taken as seriously as they should be. This could be under OR overeating. Many women feel like they have no choice but to purge or even use laxatives to alter their bodies to look thin. I think that it is our responsibility to educate youth about issues like this, as it is fatal.


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Ya know, no matter what her verdict was, NO ONE can say this woman did NOT neglect nor abuse her child if she was missing for an entire month and this mother did not report her missing! If that is not neglect, then I do not understand the verdict for Casey Anthony today.  Mothers like her, Andrea Yates, Diane Downs… these women are OBVIOUSLY not in a healthy mental state.  I feel so deeply sorry for those innocent children that are brought into this world by mother’s who do not have the mental capacity to raise and love their children. Check out CNN for more news about Casey’s trial.

Whoever talked back, I salute you!

Eating Disorders- 1 in 4 female college students suffering

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This picture was drawn by a girl named Sarah. She used art therapy to ultimately beat her eating disorder and now has a published book of her drawings and journals. Sarah published this book to send a message to other women who are suffering, that “life is worth living”. I love this drawing in particular because it points out so many different aspects psychologically as well as physically of her eating disorder. Notice how everything is interconnected.

Kiss my fat ……………..

Tyra said kiss my fat you know what after the media attacked her for gaining weight .If the media gets uptight if a supermodel puts on 20 pounds imagine how cruel they are the rest of the world.Tyra wanted to see how everyday people felt about bigger people so she conducted a social experiment just to see how they react.In the other video the love of the Bigger women was the topic, I personally loved it because I felt that it was a platform for bigger women to know that some men say the bigger the better! The last video is Comedian Monique Dancing To Beyonce “Crazy in love” at the bet awards a few years ago basically proving that big girls can get down too! Accepting your curves was the inspiration behind it.”Fat is beautiful” as Monique would say.You can find that clip here( The video will not post to the website but please go to the link it is a great video.)

The New ‘SKINNY’ Diet Pepsi Can

“The can is a ‘taller, sassier’ version of the traditional can that the company says was made in ‘celebration of beautiful, confident women.’ Some say Pepsi’s approach only reinforces dangerous stereotypes about women and body image.”

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This article talks about the new “skinny” Diet Pepsi can that will be available in March. The company is teaming up with popular designers to launch this new idea, making it clear the relationship between this idea of skinny can and overall beauty of people.This idea of being “skinny is better” is being introduced in a new form- the design of the can-. It’s clear what message they are trying to send to the public. It’s stylish to be thin. The company stated, “Our slim, attractive new can is the perfect complement to today’s most stylish looks, and we’re excited to throw its coming-out party…”

However, The National Eating Disorders Association was not at all impressed by this new idea. They took great offense to the can idea and the company.  Since the number of eating disorders, especially in the younger adults, is rising at such great rates, why wouldn’t they be upset about it? After all, aren’t these people getting reminded enough everyday that they are not beautiful  by media, advertisements, family, friends, and other every day encounters?

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What do you think about this new “skinny” Diet Pepsi can?  Is this “skinny” can  appropriate? Do you think it will make a difference?

Yoplait Ad Triggers Eating Disorder

This Yoplait commercial was taking off the air because the National Eating Disorders Association said that it had potential to triggered harmful thoughts and behaviors from people suffering from an eating disorder. I could see how it could potentially do that however I have seen some other commercials that are alike in the way they are advertising. This commercial was basically saying you can have the satisfaction of eating a piece of cheese cake without suffering the consequences of actually eating the cheesecake.  I wouldn’t look at it like that but then again I do not have an eating disorder.  You be the judge.

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“10 Signs Your Child May Be Gifted”

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“Many a proud mama and papa have deemed their tot advanced or ahead of the game, but most babes are only geniuses in their parents’ eyes. However, some tots actually are branded as gifted. Is yours? There are a few developmental guidelines that often indicate giftedness in children.”

The 10 signs include: Retains Information, Wide Spectrum of Interests, Writes and Reads Early, Is Musically or Artistically Talented, Shows Periods of Intense Concentration, Has a Good Memory, Has an Advanced Vocabulary, Pays Attention to Details, Acts as His Own Critic, and Understands Complex Concepts.”

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This article lists 10 signs that your child may be gifted. I believe that these signs do hold some truth in the characteristics of being labeled gifted and talented. However, what if your child has all of these signs or most of them and is not labeled as gifted when they enter school? Does this mean they aren’t smart? The expectations that have been put on them to be gifted has just gone out the window. I think that labeling (whether it’s good or bad) does not do justice to the one who is labeled. I am not quite sure why there is a pressure on children being geniuses or being called gifted… I think that parents should just want the best for their child no matter if they are gifted or not.

“Eating for Two” during Pregnacy- Can It Harm Your Baby’s Intelligence??!!!

Pregnant women ”eating for two” can put their babies at risk from eating disorders and a low IQ, a new research has warned.

They may also put them at risk of developing behavioural problems, eating disorders and mental health conditions such as schizophrenia.


This article reveals the idea that gaining too much weight during pregnancy can cause harmful long-term effects on your baby. Babies born to obese mothers are more likely to have a low IQ and are more likely to develop eating disorders later in life. I think this is very interesting information, but we need to make clear that it IS necessary to gain weight during pregnancy and that you are expected to put on a few pounds. Because on the contrary, NOT gaining enough weight can also be harmful to your baby. It is so intriguing to me that there are so many things a mother can do during pregnancy that will affect her child, and there are probably millions of factors that we have not even discovered!


Exposure to Family Violence Worsens Elderly Women’s Physical and Mental Health

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In the study involving African American women aged 50 years or older, the researchers found that exposure to family violence, be it intimate partner violence or elder maltreatment, worsens their physical and mental health.

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According to the following research team, a study “from Temple University School of Medicine and Emory University School of Medicine used a survey to assess lifetime family violence levels, including physical violence, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse, neglect, and coercion”.

I believe that this study provides the harmful effects that many elderly women experience within their lifetimes. It is sad that more often than not, elderly women are exposed to violence, affecting their physical and mental health. This can be prevented if the issue is brought to people’s attention and better monitored.