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The True Cost of Motherhood for Women

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If you knew that having a child would decrease the amount of money you made over your lifetime by six percent, would you still do it? How about if it dented your lifetime earnings by 24 percent?

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A new study finds that skilled women pay a huge price for having children. The article states that “The longer high-skilled women wait to have kids, the smaller their economic sacrifice becomes.” How are women supposed to live the lives they want, building families and relationships, if we have to sacrifice, just to take care of them. Itn’t it the women who have children who need money the most, rather than less money?


Changing Roles of Men and Women. Men Glad to help?

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Contrary to longstanding theories of gender and psychology, women and men can benefit by taking on more than one traditional social role, such as worker or parent, report two researchers in the October issue of American Psychologist.

In the last 30 years, more women have joined the work force and more men have taken on household tasks. Commonly accepted gender theories suggest that juggling these work and family roles has introduced distress in families, but Janet Hyde, a UW-Madison psychology professor who co-authored the paper, says she’s found quite the opposite.

“We used to think that multiple roles and their balancing caused people stress,” Hyde explains. “However, the research shows that multiple roles are beneficial, thereby overturning the classical theories.”


It seems that more and more couples are splitting housework, child care, and working, more men are helping out contrary to how things were just 10-20 years ago. It’s either becuase a lot of men grew up with single parent houses and know what their mom’s went threw. A lot of men are pushing to change the gender roles we grew up with because studies have shown it makes man and women more happy when they both help. Women ge to rest or chase after their dreams and men feel like they are helping with the raising of their child.

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty of Murder

Today July 5, 2011, Casey Anthony was equitted of all murder charges of her 3 yr old daughter Caylee Anthony. In 2008 Casey Anthony was indicted for the murder of her daughter after her daughter was missing 31 days and she still hadn’t reported her missing. I personally dont understand how she got equitted of these charges. I would understand a mistrial more than an equittal. All she was found guilty of was providing false evidence to the police. Why would she lie to the police in an investigation of your missing daughter unless you had something to do with it? I dont know what exactly went on in that Jury Room but I would love to hear from the Jurors, who unfortunately declined to speak to the press.

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Staying Sane..

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Take care of yourself first. To me it’s the same as when you’re in an airplane when you put the oxygen on yourself first and then your kids. Because if you are not taking care of yourself as a human being, how are you going to do that for your kid?

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I found this article to be extremely interesting! Often all women are thought to have this motherly instinct. And with this so-called instinct, comes pressure from society. I feel that motherhood is a privilege to the ones that decide to have children comprise and should be cherished.

I believe that this article further explains the complications that many women face as mothers. Not only is it tough raising children, but assuring that the mother dedicates time to herself is crucial in order to “stay sane”.

Seven Deadly Stereotype of Motherhood


“Stay-at-home moms don’t do anything all day but watch TV and eat bon bons.
Stay-at-home moms are loving and nurturing but their brains are mush.”

“Though stereotyping can be positive or negative, there are probably more dangers in stereotyping than we realize. I believe it looks past the uniqueness of an individual and categorizes them in groups for an easy and quick assumption about them. In a way it reminds me of the BMI Chart, if you know what I mean. We as women come in all different shapes, colors, sizes, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. And this is a good thing.”

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Stereotypes of mothers or stay-at-home mothers are thought of as being lazy because you dont necessarily hold a job out side the home bringing in a check.  I found it interesting that these stereotypes are actual peoples feelings about it and that of course it is  a general conclusion of a population who believe that mothers, in particular housewives,  are only to take care of everyone and everything other than themselves. So many women who choose working at home for their family enjoy the duty but that doesnt mean that they shouldnt take care of themselves and care about other things outside the home.  Example, if the mother did not take care of her self and became sick who would then do the things she has been doing?

College Daycares

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This article is about choosing a daycare center at the College you attend.  Until recently, I did not know that college’s offer daycare services for lower rates than average daycares.  I think this is something more and more universities should implement perhaps more volunteers would help out for community sevice projects and or teachers in training could assists daycare teachers.  This website is called, check it out!

Rejection of Single Mothers

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In this article it outlines that Americans are broken up into 3 main groups: People who thing the trends are not affecting society, people who think the trends are affecting society in a negative manor, and people who accept the changes except single motherhood.

I believe this article does represent today’s society. In my experience single mothers are often looked down upon, especially if they are young. This article also addresses same gender parenting, women who chose not to have children, as well as parents who are not married. Though I am happy people in general are more accepting of nontraditional families, it doesn’t make a great deal of sense why we would stigmatize the women who need our support the most?


The NCAA and Family?

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“Looks like the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is putting their advertising where their mission statement is.  Yesterday the NCAA caught holy hell for featuring advertisements on their Web site ( from Focus on the Family…Turns out the NCAA doesn’t really want to be hawking that type of message.”

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Many of the advertisements that were shown during NCAA games depicted a negative connotations against gay and lesbians. These advertisements were part of the Focus on the Family Organization which still maintains a anti-gay platform. The organization spends millions of dollars trying to fight against gay and lesbain marriage rights. They are also fighting hard to prevent gay and lesbians from adopting, trying to tell women that they have no reproductive rights, and suggests that sexual education robs young females of their sexual innocence. No wonder the NCAA wanted to take down these advertisements. They did not want to have anything to do with this and believe that this type of organization goes against what they stand for.  What is interesting, is that these ads did not seem hurtful on the surface, but promoted anti-gay politics.

For more information on Focus on the Family click here.

Sex and the City: “Being a Mother Kicks Your ___!”



Sex and the City: “Being a Mother Kicks Your ___!”

Miranda: “Being a mother kicks your ___.“”

Whether you chose motherhood or motherhood chose you, if you are a mom, then you know it isn’t glamorous.  Between being a mom and having a career that demanded 70-80 hours a week, there just wasn’t time to watch T.V. and I often felt like I was in a social black hole.   I never “followed” Sex and the City, mostly because of my lack of time, but I remember seeing this movie when it came out on a weekend that my son was at his dad’s.  When this scene appeared…I flat out teared up!

My son is the most precious thing that God has blessed me with in my whole life.  But struggling to keep your sanity and figure out who you are; now that your identity has changed from Ms. Got-it-together to Ms. Mommy-doesn’t-have-a-clue while keeping a smile on your face is somewhat challenging.  I identified.  No, I may not have handled it the same way that the mothers in this clip reacted but I feel that any mother understands the point that was meant to come across.  In our class we have talked about how society views mothers and how often women feel guilty of going back to work, going back to work and enjoying it, enjoying alone time, and feeling overwhelmed.  Most of the time mother’s don’t feel comfortable talking about such things, because “good mothers are kind, patient, and have it together.” It’s nice to know that feeling guilty about time at the office, or that you aren’t the perfect mom is ok.

I feel that being a mom is the best challenge and blessing that God has ever presented me with. Children aren’t going to remember that you forgot to pack their favorite socks to their dad’s or grandma’s…what they will remember is a mom who loves them and did their very best.  While I don’t recommend alcohol as a way to deal with the pressures of motherhood (as is shown in this clip) there are many ways to keep things in perspective.  I have listed a website below that provides helpful stress relief tips and remember that there is always help and encouragement if you look for it.

Stress Relief Tips here.

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Did Ward Really Believe This Or Was It The Asbestos Talking?

In this video clip from Leave It To Beaver, Ward explains to Wally why June doesn’t cook outside. As a woman who loves to grill, I’m really glad that attitudes like this and the asbestos gloves are no longer around. Reviewing TV programs over the last 50 years is an interesting way to see the changing attitudes toward women in America. Then again we also know TV is not very realistic otherwise there would be an oil well in every Texas backyard. Are there any programs now that realistically depict the lives of mothers?