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Mothers in College

“Women in college who also have children face multiple barriers, time constraints and emotional stress that other women may not experience.”


This article discusses the difficulty mothers face while trying to attend college, and whether married or single it is QUITE a challenge. I went back to college when my little girl was 5 weeks old, and although it was difficult  I wouldn’t have it any other way. Many people criticize mothers in school saying they should be spending time with their kids rather than going to college. But personally, I think that my daughter will be so proud to know that  I finished college while taking care of her and see that while I am away from her going to school it is because she is my first priority! The article talked about an awesome plan for helping single mothers in college which provides childcare to single mothers, i LOVED that, details below:

“Wilson College’s Women with Children program, which started in 1996, helps single mothers attain a degree. After the moms go through the admission process and pay room and board, Wilson offers free child care all day, as needed.

Women in the program must be enrolled for 12 credits and are encouraged to take summer courses to graduate in four years.”

Discrimination Against Overweight Applicants at Google?

Google has been talked about as a company that takes extremely good care of it’s employees, but this story paints a less than great picture of discriminatory hiring practices at the company.  A woman faces discrimination on the grounds of being female, a minority, or a mother in hiring practices, and also because they are heavier.  Hiring employees should not take weight, sexual orientation, or motherhood into effect, so why can’t we amend equal opportunity policies to include those groups and actually enforce the policies?

New Study Examines Effects of Increased Number of Female Executives on Lower Level Female Workers

This study is a great way to test out a few theories on the changing face of the workforce.  We just read about the difficulty women face trying to achieve higher career positions, and how mentoring has an effect on that transition.  Now, with more females in exceutive positions, they can directly and indirectly help those ladies aspiring for better employment opportunities.  I would like to see data about mentoring, and also if the increasing number of female executives has a positive effect on hiring practices and treatment of employees or jobseekers who are mothers.

Oprah and the end of an era

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The Oprah Show has ended after 25 seasons. What’s next for Oprah? Retirement? I doubt it.

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This is a lady who was born in poverty to a single black unwed mother in 1954. Oprah then went on despite becoming a pregnant teen herself and losing the child shortly after birth, to graduate high school and go on to college. Her experiences shaped her and educated her about the ways of the world unfortunately at a very young age. However, she survived her hardships and that drive catapulted her into being one of the world’s richest women.

Higher Education for Women

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Please check out this website, it’s the American Association of University Professors and it talks all about women and how they are dominating in higher education! The website speaks about gender equity, and resources on women in higher education. Lots of good information! I’m proud that women, who are young, single, married, full time workers, full time mother’s, and whatever else can achieve such great achievements! I believe one day men and women will be equal because of this growing education achievement status for women!

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Son comes home to his parents house with a girl and things get a little steamy. As things begin to get hot…the mom walks in secretively to tell her son a few things about sex (visually). All while the girl has no idea that his mom is right there.  Basically the mom was giving him a sex talk while her son was getting it on…What kind of sick “sex talk” is this????

I think this is horrible! However, this typically happens all the time. The son or daughter engages in some type of sexual behavior or act before getting educated by their parents.  It’s only after the fact when their parents begin to talk to their children about sex….and this doesn’t even always happen. It is imperative that parents teach our children about sex and the positive and negative consequences that are related to sex. Otherwise, it may be too late…and our kids may be having kids.

Hard Workers

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Bobbretta has worked as a volunteer in the community for more than 40 years and has dedicated herself to improving the lives of children and families who are disconnected from mainstream society. Her work has crossed ethnic, religious and political divides, always seeking to improve the lives of those disenfranchised and left behind”

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I found this informatin to be a good and empowering. To see so many women who have dedicated thier lives to serving and helping others. Not because they wanted recognition for it but becasue they are passionate about their work for. Dr. Bobbretta Brewton is someone I can look up to. Seeing powerful black women doing what they can and love to do to help communities passing a racial and religious barrier. She see’s the real issue and addresses it which is helping children and families in need. Her summer program with reaching out to families who are looking to help their children academic wise and giving the tools they need to succeed not only for school but life.

Worried about what to wear to work?

This video presents  a very known problem that exist in this society in a comical way. She targets the criticism women face in the workplace about their attire.  She points out how the media takes every opportunity to trash talk professional women. But the way she talked about it, will definitely make you laugh. I would encourage you to watch it if you have time.   She makes a good point when she talked about how her doctor, who she claims, looks like a “clown” but she stresses how that does not take away from her credibility and how she is “fantastic” at what she does. So who care what she wears?  And why is the media always out to blow things out of proportion?

I agree there should be some guidelines to attire in the workplace.However, I personally feel that as long as they do not look like they are about to go to a party or are getting ready for a night out in the city, they should be able to wear what they desire. A business suit with a little bit of cleavage does not seem offensive to me. Also, it depends on the career. I feel the media is really hurting the women in the workplace. They are giving other workers a reason to bash women and taking away from a women right to be feminine.

Bullying, Kids Aren’t the Only Ones Doing it!

Workplace bullying a growing problem

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“Susan Strauss, a consultant and expert in organizational leadership, says  women bully in a much more subtle way than men. They typically sabotage each  other’s work, make disparaging comments, taunt, gossip, roll their eyes, and  give out the silent treatment.”

“Bullies and their victims

Key findings from the Workplace Bullying Institute’s 2010 survey:

• 35 percent of workers have experienced bullying firsthand; an  additional 15 percent have witnessed it.

• 62 percent of bullies are men; 58 percent of targets are women.

• Women bullies target women in 80 percent of cases.

• Bullying is four times more prevalent than illegal harassment.

• The majority (68 percent) of bullying is same-gender harassment.”

When I think of bullying I usually think of it happening among kids and teens.  But more recently, research has acknowledged that bullying is happening in the workplace as well.  I thought it was particularly interesting that women who bully, do so in a similar way to young girls who bully such as making comments and ignoring.

It’s so unfortunate when women already face so many set backs in the workplace that they’re bullying each other instead of focusing on changing the issues that already hold women in the workplace back.

Company Fires Female Employees

Company Fires Female Employees

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I was shocked when I read that a company in Italy called Ma-Vib had a recent round of layoffs, but only female employees were fired. “Before the layoffs, the firm employed 12 men and 18 women; it then dismissed all but three of its female employees” Their reason for firing only women is what I found most appalling. “We are firing the women so they can stay at home and look after the children. In any case, what they bring in is a second income” Wow! What do you think would happen if this company was in the United States? How do you think we can help the women in Italy?

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