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New Study Examines Effects of Increased Number of Female Executives on Lower Level Female Workers

This study is a great way to test out a few theories on the changing face of the workforce.  We just read about the difficulty women face trying to achieve higher career positions, and how mentoring has an effect on that transition.  Now, with more females in exceutive positions, they can directly and indirectly help those ladies aspiring for better employment opportunities.  I would like to see data about mentoring, and also if the increasing number of female executives has a positive effect on hiring practices and treatment of employees or jobseekers who are mothers.

Hey Hey no no Chick fil a has got to go!

After being surpised that chick fil a can/will fire people based on their sexual orientation I knew I had to post something about it.I think its crazy that people who commit murder and rape are given jobs and able to work at places like chick fil a but somebody that has done nonthing wrong can get fired for being who they are? Even though most Christians belive that being homosexual is not right,Christians are also suppose to show love to all our brothers and sisters and pray for them.Its not very christ-like to fire someone who may really need their job because of who they love.
Anyways we have a chickfila on campus what do you think we sould do? Find out what happened to the chickfila at Indiana Unviversity south bend by reading here

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Feminism Keeps Men from Growing Up?


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In her new book, Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys, Kay Hymowitz  discusses how the rise of feminism, more women being independent and not needing a husband has “forced” men to remain child like and immature.

Really?  For some reason I don’t think feminism created this issue, if it’s really an issue at all.  Not all women are looking for a husband, some are looking for a wife.  This is also another way to foster negative attitudes toward feminism and feminist.


Be Sure to Calibrate Your “Gaydar”

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A recent study from the University of Toronto showed that women can predict the sexuality of men just by studying facial features and this “superpower” gets keener the more fertile a woman.

“Gaydar” really exists?  I also find it interesting that the study mentioned from Michigan State University claims that women’s racist tendencies are greater during menstruation.  So, it seems as though this would perpetuate the negative stereotype women receive during menstruation.  Is the “gaydar” study a negative or positive thing for women.

Medical Records Should Include Patients’ Sexual Orientation


“Many factors that can affect a person’s medical needs and risks — like age, race and income — are included in studies of health, but others like sexual orientation and gender identity are not. Now a new report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) suggests they should be. Like any other demographic group, the report argues, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender patients may have specific health concerns.” Read more

I agree with this article. I believe that it is the duty of a medical professional to provide care for their patients. To do so, I feel that sexual orientation and gender identity is vital for doctors to ensure that patients get the best care. LGBT teenagers, for example, have higher risks for depression. If a doctor knows the sexual orientation, he or she may be able to take preventive measures and monitor his or her patient.  I can see that some patients may not feel comfortable with revealing their sexual orientation and gender identity. I do not think that it should be required. But, there should be a section on medical forms for sexual orientation, if a patient decides to provide that information.

Inventive or Offensive?

Inventive or Offensive?

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In Germany thousands of these towels were placed on grass to remind people to shave. Do you think is an inventive marketing tactic or offensive? The company ended up winning an award for their creativity. How do you think people in the United States would react to these towels? What at about the people in Texas? Don’t worry ladies, there was a towel to remind men to shave too! It would be interesting to know how many of each towel were put out.

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Fighting the Texas Sonogram Bill to Keep Women’s Rights

Texas recently passed a bill requiring pregnant women to get a sonogram from a doctor, and for that doctor to describe the biological processes of the child.  This is another obstacle for women seeking abortions, becuase they have to make another appointment and pay for the appointment and sonogram.  I also feel that this goes against the protection of privacy afforded by Roe V. Wade.  The doctor is supposed to be there to council and educate the pregnant woman, not to provide a Republican-fueled guilt trip to a woman who has already made her decision.

Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far


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This girl obviously took it WAY too far with her plastic surgrey dreams… This woman just could not be satisfied with her own looks.  She has had numerous procedures to improve and improve her looks.  Some say she is even addicted to plastic surgrey! Check out the video and listen to her story!

Free Sexism at Your Local Wal-Mart!

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The supreme court recently blocked the biggest sex discrimination suit in history from being heard.  They claim there is no convincing proof of discrimination even though the suit includes claim from employees at 3,400 Wal-Mart Stores citing various gender discriminatory issues like  pay differences between male and female employees. 

We all love and/or loathe Wal-Mart for one reason or another.  This is a prime example of corporate patriarchy.   Is Wal-Mart such a big entity that it gets a free ride on discrimination?

U.N. Backs Gay Rights

In this historic decision, the U.N. has decided for the first time in history to back gay rights.  While the support does not bring any established laws for the protection/rights of the GLBT community yet, the importance of this step towards equality cannot be denied.  “It also established a formal U.N. process to document human rights abuses against gays, including discriminatory laws and acts of violence”.  While I feel that Americans are slowly but surely developing a more tolerant attitude toward these alternate lifestyles, it is also important to realize that countries banding together in support of gay rights will also put needed pressure on less accepting countries.