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Discrimination Against Overweight Applicants at Google?

Google has been talked about as a company that takes extremely good care of it’s employees, but this story paints a less than great picture of discriminatory hiring practices at the company.  A woman faces discrimination on the grounds of being female, a minority, or a mother in hiring practices, and also because they are heavier.  Hiring employees should not take weight, sexual orientation, or motherhood into effect, so why can’t we amend equal opportunity policies to include those groups and actually enforce the policies?

New Study Examines Effects of Increased Number of Female Executives on Lower Level Female Workers

This study is a great way to test out a few theories on the changing face of the workforce.  We just read about the difficulty women face trying to achieve higher career positions, and how mentoring has an effect on that transition.  Now, with more females in exceutive positions, they can directly and indirectly help those ladies aspiring for better employment opportunities.  I would like to see data about mentoring, and also if the increasing number of female executives has a positive effect on hiring practices and treatment of employees or jobseekers who are mothers.

Putting An End To Street-Based Sexual Harassment In New York


This article explains how Hollaback!, a group in New York, is attempting to band together and end harassment of individuals in public places.  The idea of “giving Piropos” is disgusting and a thinly veiled attempt at normalizing verbal sexual harassment.  I really like the idea of the cell phone app, and calling out for everyone’s help as a duty in public places, like the lady on the subway.

Using games to raise awareness for domestic violence

I think the premise of this contest is great: you design a game without using violence to teach about it.  This contest has been going on for a few years, and although the games are a little cheesy, I think that they are great at preparing teens for how to recognize signs of a potentially harmful relationship.  I just hope this website can gain some visibility. is a website created by Drew Crecente, whose teenage daughter was a victim of dating violence, and contains information and resources on domestic violence.

Fighting the Texas Sonogram Bill to Keep Women’s Rights

Texas recently passed a bill requiring pregnant women to get a sonogram from a doctor, and for that doctor to describe the biological processes of the child.  This is another obstacle for women seeking abortions, becuase they have to make another appointment and pay for the appointment and sonogram.  I also feel that this goes against the protection of privacy afforded by Roe V. Wade.  The doctor is supposed to be there to council and educate the pregnant woman, not to provide a Republican-fueled guilt trip to a woman who has already made her decision.

U.N. Backs Gay Rights

In this historic decision, the U.N. has decided for the first time in history to back gay rights.  While the support does not bring any established laws for the protection/rights of the GLBT community yet, the importance of this step towards equality cannot be denied.  “It also established a formal U.N. process to document human rights abuses against gays, including discriminatory laws and acts of violence”.  While I feel that Americans are slowly but surely developing a more tolerant attitude toward these alternate lifestyles, it is also important to realize that countries banding together in support of gay rights will also put needed pressure on less accepting countries.

Abortion rights for military women?


This is very surprising to me as a Marine veteran.  When you sign up for the military, you give up certain rights to defend the rights of others.  But medical care is one area where service members are supposed to be a priority.  Female U.S. citizens in certain situations receive monetary federal assistance for abortions, which is good, but to deny this assistance to women in the military is ridiculous.  Furhtermore, these unwanted pregnancies could hurt the mission and take valuable service women out of the field.