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Casual Sex is like a tattoo

This is a promo that talks about the effects of having casual sex for the long term.Is a good thing? is it a bad thing?  What last longer a marraige where you live togeather first or if u wait? And the list goes on.I think one should wait until they are married to live togeather.This video talks about the long terms effects and is it worth it.Like a tattoo are you going to want it 15 years later will it still look good?



Hey Hey no no Chick fil a has got to go!

After being surpised that chick fil a can/will fire people based on their sexual orientation I knew I had to post something about it.I think its crazy that people who commit murder and rape are given jobs and able to work at places like chick fil a but somebody that has done nonthing wrong can get fired for being who they are? Even though most Christians belive that being homosexual is not right,Christians are also suppose to show love to all our brothers and sisters and pray for them.Its not very christ-like to fire someone who may really need their job because of who they love.
Anyways we have a chickfila on campus what do you think we sould do? Find out what happened to the chickfila at Indiana Unviversity south bend by reading here

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Kiss my fat ……………..

Tyra said kiss my fat you know what after the media attacked her for gaining weight .If the media gets uptight if a supermodel puts on 20 pounds imagine how cruel they are the rest of the world.Tyra wanted to see how everyday people felt about bigger people so she conducted a social experiment just to see how they react.In the other video the love of the Bigger women was the topic, I personally loved it because I felt that it was a platform for bigger women to know that some men say the bigger the better! The last video is Comedian Monique Dancing To Beyonce “Crazy in love” at the bet awards a few years ago basically proving that big girls can get down too! Accepting your curves was the inspiration behind it.”Fat is beautiful” as Monique would say.You can find that clip here( The video will not post to the website but please go to the link it is a great video.)

Men arent the only ones that can have a shoe named after them!

Read the article here

 pic found here Maya moore is getting her own shoe, and im not talking about a heel! She is signning a deal with nike. I am a sneaker lover and it is about time that we females get a shoe.I love my jordans and eveerthing but men are not the only ones that can play basketball. I always see a new player getting a shoe under the jordan line and i feel ashtotugh the ladies have been forgotten but not no more Maya Moore will be the first female to have a shoe within the jordan brand.Hopefully Nexttime it will be under he own line!

Thanks mom for letting me live

This such a touching video. It lets you into the life of a mother who hass plans for an abortion and can’t go through with it.This is the story of Superstar Nick Cannons mother.I appericate that a celebriary can take the time out and deal with real issues that happen in the lives of everyday people.I not sure if I can say im prolife after learning about how prolife people dont want to slove the problem the just want to ban abortions.  But I can say I am against abortions but people have to make their own chooses and sometimes they by themselvees decided thye want to keep their baby.

My Vagina is Angry too!

After readings for last class all I could think about was posting something from the vagina molougues. the vagnia molougues encouge women to be proud of their vagina’s. I chose this monlouges because it talks about how we are taught our vaginas are suppose to smell a certin way and how rough those “exams” are.It ends with talking about what the vagina what the vagina wants.the whole production is so powerful.the purpose of the show is for women to reclaim their vagina’s and call it whatever they to call it. It teaches one to forget the body shame that women are taught and to be proud of our bodies no matter how they look.

Who The HGIC(Head Gay in Charge?)

After reading Sister Oustsider and talking about it class I remembered watching this on Tyra a while back. It seems as no matter who we are or no matter what kind of “Group’ we are in. We as people tend to go against each other in a fight to see which is better when at the end of the day we may all still be oppressed. INstead of working together we go at one another we are fighting the same battle.

Aside from that do You think its right to pass as something you’re not? To trick people into getting you what you want. For example the girl who said she’s a lesbian but she can trick any man.I think that’s out of line you should not play with somebody emotions like that, and you don’t like men leave them for the women who do. To me its a respect thing .It would be a big deal if straight Women acted like lesbians to get things from gay women.

Rhianna tries to shoot her rapist

This Music video has been really conversational. Some feel as though Rhianna took it to far.I personally like it because rape is a real issue that needs attention.The media is so use to putting fake images on TV and start dealing with the real issues people face.I hope this video.i hope this helps those who need to heal and provides empowerment. The more we talk about rape the more we can prevent it.

What!? My Child Poster Child for abortion I don’t think so!

“I would never endorse something like that. Especially with my child’s image. It’s bad enough you’re saying this about African Americans, but then you put a child with an innocent face. I just want the image off of it.”  A quote(follow link for picture too.)from Frasier mother  of the little girl pictured. As a Woman how would you feel seeing this ad?As an African American i find this really offensive and I feel as if its wrong to display a child in this manner. I am pro life however I feel as though abortion is a issue that all races face and there is no need to single out one race .I find this espically unfair because the mother did not consent for her daughter’s picture to be used for Ads like this.