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Mothers in College

“Women in college who also have children face multiple barriers, time constraints and emotional stress that other women may not experience.”


This article discusses the difficulty mothers face while trying to attend college, and whether married or single it is QUITE a challenge. I went back to college when my little girl was 5 weeks old, and although it was difficult  I wouldn’t have it any other way. Many people criticize mothers in school saying they should be spending time with their kids rather than going to college. But personally, I think that my daughter will be so proud to know that  I finished college while taking care of her and see that while I am away from her going to school it is because she is my first priority! The article talked about an awesome plan for helping single mothers in college which provides childcare to single mothers, i LOVED that, details below:

“Wilson College’s Women with Children program, which started in 1996, helps single mothers attain a degree. After the moms go through the admission process and pay room and board, Wilson offers free child care all day, as needed.

Women in the program must be enrolled for 12 credits and are encouraged to take summer courses to graduate in four years.”

Informed From ALL Sides Before Childbirth, Do Docs Take it Too Far?

The support group will try to inform women of the risks associated with any form of medical intervention during birth such as epidural, induction or C-section delivery.

“We are not anti-hospital or anti-medical,” Epsteen said. “We want women to be educated about their choices in birth.”

Jones-Smith delivered her daughter, Eden Smith, about four months ago.

“I figured if I did everything right and did all my research I would not end up with (a C-section),” the 29-year-old said.

But she did. She’s co-leading the local ICAN group to help educate but also to help heal, she said. “It was partially for my own healing,” said Jones-Smith, who lives in Lafayette. “I felt like this would be a way of helping myself heal and getting the message out there.””

Similar to the Ricki Lake film we watched in class, this is a support group with aims to inform mothers about their options in the delivery room and to help them from being “scared into” surgery. Personally, I never noticed the issue in this situation until after we watched the film in class. I have noticed that many people I know have had a c-section because something “may” have been damaging to the baby, but I bet that most of them could have given birth naturally just fine.  I do like this group because I do think that women should be informed from all sides before giving birth, because like the film said: A woman will NEVER forget until the day that she dies the experience she had when giving birth. And that is so true, it is one of the most (probably THE most) powerful experience in your life if you have children. However, I personally have not had this kind of experience with OB/GYNs I felt that they were very respectful of my choices and can not imagine them pressuring me into a medical intervention I was not comfortable with. I think that any doctors who are doing this to mothers should probably be re-evaluated because that just doesn’t seem right to me.

A Dress is NOT a Yes. SlutWalk Protests


I can remember in the second grade I was on the daycare bus and one of the fourth graders called me a slut. I remember going home that night, and asking my mom “Mommy, what is a slut?” She looked into my big blue 7-year-old eyes and said “Where in the world did you hear that word?” I told her how the girls at daycare always call people that and she told me “That just means its a mean girl who wears a lot of makeup.” I remember in 6th grade when I was part of the “mean girl” scene and thinking, wait a minute, we all wear makeup and we are mean girls, we must be sluts. In high school the word is thrown around thousands of times a day and it still makes me cringe. I have never become numb to this word, it is a terrible thing to say. This article discusses the word slut and the SlutWalk protests.


“The SlutWalk protests were born out of anger at the words of one Toronto policeman, who earlier this year told a group of students that if women want to avoid being “victimized,” they should avoid “dressing like sluts.” Cut to a few months later, and protests against this kind of reasoning – that it’s women’s responsibility to avoid rape, rather than men’s responsibility not to commit rape – are being held all over the world. SlutWalks were recently held in Los Angeles, Chicago, Sydney, and Cardiff, Wales. Soon, Edinburgh, New York, Johannesburg and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan will follow suit.”

This policemans words made me cringe, regardless of what a woman is wearing she is NEVER “asking” to be raped or victimized. If I walked around butt naked 24/7 that does not mean I deserve to be raped. And it’s funny how the way a man dresses is almost NEVER correlated with his “sluttiness.” Men are expected to go shirtless a majority of the time, and if they walked outside in their boxers nobody would say a peep, but if a girl is wearing a dress that shows the body she’s proud of, she is “asking” to be raped??!?!?! Are we kidding people?!!!!

(The poster says: SEX is something people do TOGETHER, NOT something you do TO someone else!)

I can not help but constantly wonder why a girls “sluttiness” is one of the main things we are concerned about and judgemental about, but a mans sluttiness is his biggest prize, and he is praised and high-fived for it. Men are allowed to have sex for fun, because SEX IS FUN. But women who have sex for fun are sluts and deserve to be raped?! I am appaled.

“Eating for Two” during Pregnacy- Can It Harm Your Baby’s Intelligence??!!!

Pregnant women ”eating for two” can put their babies at risk from eating disorders and a low IQ, a new research has warned.

They may also put them at risk of developing behavioural problems, eating disorders and mental health conditions such as schizophrenia.


This article reveals the idea that gaining too much weight during pregnancy can cause harmful long-term effects on your baby. Babies born to obese mothers are more likely to have a low IQ and are more likely to develop eating disorders later in life. I think this is very interesting information, but we need to make clear that it IS necessary to gain weight during pregnancy and that you are expected to put on a few pounds. Because on the contrary, NOT gaining enough weight can also be harmful to your baby. It is so intriguing to me that there are so many things a mother can do during pregnancy that will affect her child, and there are probably millions of factors that we have not even discovered!


The Fatherless Cycle: Caused by Devaluing Men?

“Devaluing men has resulted in throngs of adult males who are anything but men, having been raised by women who placed no value on men—including the ones they were raising. This only adds to the number of fathers who have no idea how to stand up and be men or fathers.

Some women have become so comfortable devaluing men that many now celebrate Father’s Day by claiming that they are holding both the male and female role in parenting. The subtext is screaming that men are so unnecessary that women can fill in their role and nothing will be missing.

The problem is that a great deal will still be missing. For example, a woman cannot provide a child with male modeling, something crucial to the development of a child’s social coping skills.

Without male modeling, boys will be unable to interact with men and so will struggle to fully develop as men. Girls will be unable to understand interactions with men and so will struggle in relationships, dating and subsequent motherhood. Both will grow up believing that men are unnecessary.”


Close to 40% of Americans grow up without a father.   According to this article posted about devaluing men, as a society, we are constantly flaking away the value of men, acting as though they are completely useless. Single mothers are always trying to prove that they don’t need a man and that them and their children will be fine without a man, because she can do his job. More and more children are growing up without fathers, and they are typcially being raised by these “don’t need a man, they are no good anyway” mothers. Therefore, the children are trained to think that men are useless and also see no value in them. Could this be why so many men are walking out on their “baby mamas” these days? Maybe these little boys were trained to think that men do no good anyway, and a mom can do the job without a man and probably do it better. Perhaps this is why men walk away, because they feel they have no value anyway? They have learned the “unimportance” of a man and a father in the family, so they feel like they don’t need to step up either. I am not sure if this is completely accurate information, or what it really means, but it is a very interesting idea to think about.

Men Confess Their Love 97.3 Days after Start of a Relationship??


According to this article, men consider saying those three little words six weeks before women do!

“If spoken later in a relationship, men “may fear commitment”, it said. Women, however, do not trust men who say “I love you” too early.”

Why is it that women do not trust men who say “I love you,” too early? Is it because it seems as though they are just saying it and they don’t really mean it?


I think this is a very interesting article and an interesting thing to research! I would love to know more on the different ideas and feelings that men and women have regarding relationships. Although, the study only reviewed 45 men and women, I don’t think it can be considered super accurate. But still, I think that it is highly interesting and maybe something that should be further studied!

95% of Americans have had Sex before Marriage, Why are We Still Preaching Abstinence??

USA Today reported that 95% of Americans are having sex before marriage, then why are schools STILL preaching abstinence only?! Maybe if the schools would teach other methods of sexual health, then we could greatly reduce the rates of Teen STDS and pregnancy! Is it possible that students are catching an abundance of sexually transmitted diseases and getting pregnant because they are not being fully educated? Students KNOW that they aren’t supposed to do it, but the fact is, they are doing it anyway. So instead of turning a blind eye to what is going on, perhaps we should just accept what we cannot change and try and prevent more problems from occuring?!


At least if students were taught how to prevent pregnancy if they DO choose to have sex, we may be able to reduce a large number of devastating statistics in our culture. Including, poverty rate, abortion rate, and kids being raised in single parent homes. I am not sure which idea is “right or wrong,” but maybe it is something our culture needs to reconsider.

EWWWWWW! You have a PERIOD?!?!!?!? Oh wait…. All Females Do… The One Equality We Share is an Embarassment? WHY!!!!

This article discusses the humility and shame that women carry about mestruation. I have also carried embarassment regarding this issue. My mom was humiliated by it and didn’t want to discuss it with me much probably because of the shame her mother carried, and her mother, and her mother. So when I first started my period I kept it a secret for a whole day and was tormented with the idea of telling my Mom. When i finally told her i pretended to have a migraine so I could just hide in my room alone instead of having to face her. And then, I didn’t want to go to a family function for months in fear that she had told everyone! However, because of the secrecy, my friends and I were always deeply intrigued and wanting to talk about it and learn about it, while still carrying embarassment of never wanting to say when it was actually happening to one of us. A friend of mine kept it a secret for months and would have us bring her feminine products to school. For years I would stay in the car if i knew my mom was going to purchase anything related to the subject. And still at the store, I play it cool but inside I am embarassed that I am buying tampons. WHY IS THIS?! Menstruation is the one and only experience that every woman on earth has experienced. This is probably one of the only things that we SHOULDN’T be embarassed about considering it is one of the only things that we are all equal in. Every woman menstruates, and it is not by choice or something we can control, and every man knows that every woman does. I just don’t understand why this is so humiliating for a majority of females.
Also, the article discussed humiliation regarding breastfeeding. People see it as sexual and gross and try to keep it as under-cover as possible. Most children have never even seen a woman they know well breastfeeding so when they are introduced to the idea they are totally freaked out. I had never seen anyone breastfeeding or heard it discussed in my family so when I was pregnant I was so nervous about the idea. When my daughter was born you are supposed to breastfeed them as soon after birth as possible, within the first hour. I tried to ignore the idea as much as possible and about 6 hours after she was born a nurse told me, “She needs to be fed! She is starving!” I was so grossed out and embarassed about the fact that i was putting my boob in a litle babys mouth!!! Are you serious?! Why is that gross? That I was feeding my baby?! There was nothing sexual about it, but society had conformed my mind to be so disturbed by the idea. I continued nursing my baby for the first year and it didn’t take me long to have no shame when it came time to feed! I would feed her anywhere in front of anyone, just as anyone would do if they were bottle-feeding. And many people around me got comfortable with breastfeeding as soon as they were finally exposed to the non-sexuality and grossness of it. I now lead a group at my church for unwed pregnant girls and a good 95% of them never attempt to breastfeed their babies because they are under the impression that it is gross or embarassing. I do think that there are certain situations in public where you obviously shouldn’t just whip your bare boob out, but if done respectfully there is nothing weird about it.
Why is our society so grossed out and humiliated about things that are so completely natural and beyond our control? This article was really eye-opening for me about how we are trained to be turned-off by these completely normal things.

Women Can’t Drive and Men are Complete Slobs! Gender Stereotypes… Could it Really be True?!!!

This article visits 6 gender stereotypes and even includes a few scientific references to the validity of these. The 6 gender stereotypes include:
1. Women can’t drive or park
2. Men are freaking slobs
3. Women are wimps
4. Women love to talk (and talk) (and talk)
5. Women see mauve, men see purple
6. Women are lightweights
Most of these things seem totally absurd and like ridiculous stereotypes to me! But it was very interesting to see the facts they presented regarding the subjects. I am not going to say that I believe any of these stereotypes at all or that I think they are presenting accurate and complete information. However, it was a pretty interesting and humorous read!