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Oprah and the end of an era

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The Oprah Show has ended after 25 seasons. What’s next for Oprah? Retirement? I doubt it.

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This is a lady who was born in poverty to a single black unwed mother in 1954. Oprah then went on despite becoming a pregnant teen herself and losing the child shortly after birth, to graduate high school and go on to college. Her experiences shaped her and educated her about the ways of the world unfortunately at a very young age. However, she survived her hardships and that drive catapulted her into being one of the world’s richest women.


Female Mutilation

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 There is an issue of women’s body parts being removed. We have women adding body parts, we have women taking body parts away here in America by way of plastic surgery. However, in some parts of the world, it’s not such a rosy picture. Some women have their clitoris removed. Some do it willingly not understanding how it will affect them later in life, some don’t do it willingly. Some say this is violence against women, some say this is a religious/ cultural belief in certain parts of the world and that it should be respected. It is still changing your body in some way that is not natural and is not what or how you were born.

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If male circumcision were as painful as what these women endure and if it affected men more, I somehow wonder if the issue would be stamped out more quickly?

We are jugglers..

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This is a picture of a woman juggling time, household duties, and her job. This is an issue that impacts most women I know here in America. We are expected to work, cook, clean, run errands, take care of the children if children are in the household and take the children to their social activities, possibly also take care of our aging parents and still have time for our husbands as wives. It’s enough to give me a  headache just thinking about it.

Read here.  This article includes some good advice and suggestions for the overloaded woman. However, it does not include suggestions for the woman who has the unwilling partner and who is still stuck in the “traditional thinking” of what women should do. Thoughts? Suggestions?

We deserve or asked for it??

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New York has another serial killer most likely. More and more bodies of women are being found. However, this isn’t national news as one would expect. I, for one found that a little strange. When I did a bit more digging, I figured out that these women that are being found dead are sex workers, or more bluntly prostitutes. It’s almost as if due to their profession, they asked for it or deserved what they got. No woman deserves what happened to these women, no matter their profession. Did you know that 6 out of 10 women worldwide will experience some form of violence in their lifetime due to the sex that they are? Violence against women is an epidemic. But however, it’s not spoken about much. When it is spoken about, women get asked “well, what started the argument?”.. As Rihanna was when her boyfriend Chris Brown beat her. As if somehow she asked for it or deserved to be beaten like that. Questions like that imply that the fault lies with the woman.

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I encourage you to really look at this picture before moving on. Somehow I don’t think this woman “asked” for what happened to her in any way.


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In America, we have companies that frequently claim they are “family friendly”.. UNTIL…. a family health crisis hits an employee and that employee who is most often the woman and she needs time off to take care of her loved ones, most often her child or a parent. The burden of taking care of sick ones is most often placed upon women since we are the “caretakers”, we are the more “nurturing” sex.. Women are frequently not hired since it is not illegal for an employer to ask if you are a mother, women are frequently “let go” for missing too many days of work.. The list of injustices goes on. We are one of the only developed countries in the world that does not offer paid maternity leave, and other family benefits. This contributes to the work attitudes Americans often have towards their jobs. We are among one of the most overworked in the world due to feeling like we cannot take off a day without consequences. Let’s change that!

Beauty Queens unrealistic

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The United States has a new Miss America. Miss California Alyssa Campanella beat out 51 other contestants last night. Whether the new Miss America likes it or not.. she is now an cultural icon and part of American history. She represents us.. Or does she? She doesn’t look like the average woman I know in America. Her beauty cannot be disputed, however, I wonder how much of that beauty is from hair extensions, make up, fake spray tan and veneers and whitening for her perfect teeth and perhaps LASIK for her eyes. The average woman I know in America also cannot afford all that maintenance.  Being a beauty queen is a career in of itself and it is a job to maintain all of that beauty. But it is unrealistic. I worry about the message that this sends to young girls. I remember watching Miss America when I was a young girl and being in awe of them. I remember thinking they were all so beautiful and I was never going to be that beautiful. I’d like to see more realistic standards applied to the contestants.. But I have no thoughts or ideas on how to make that happen. Suggestions?

The National Organization for Women (NOW)

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This is a link to an article showing how our government is trying to take away funding for women’s health and family planning issues. It discusses a bill that is deceptively named and discusses the impact of what will happen if it is passed. As the United States of America, we as a country already have some of the highest rates of pregnancy amongst teens. I don’t think that rate needs to get any higher. How ’bout you?

Vegetable Abuse


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This is a video that is extremely sexual but yet makes fun of women’s sexual needs and provides “comic relief” from a cucumber.  Sex is an issue in America. Sex is a topic that is often talked about and made fun of. I’ve been to comedy clubs and all the comedian did was crack “relationship and sex” jokes… America or society is becoming de-sensitized to sex. The topic of sex has been blown wide open when it comes to advertising. But yet  intimacy is not openly discussed and the meaning of sex is not openly discussed either in society.  Sex education is not widely available because too many people are uncomfortable to discuss it with their children.  But yet sex is sold and used in advertising to sell products and make money. Why is that OK? But yet.. it is not OK to discuss birth control options or condoms or the act of sex with your child and what that act means or should mean?

APA Resolution banning “bad therapy”

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The American Psychological Association (APA)  has essentially banned Reparative therapy. They have declared that being a gay or lesbian person does not mean that you are mentally ill and it is not a mental disorder. They have deemed Reparative therapy immoral and unethical. However, this is a sticky and touchy issue. Many people STILL find being gay or a lesbian immoral and unethical. Some even still believe that if you are gay or a lesbian that you are in fact “sick” or mentally ill. Until the mainstream society stops deeming gay and lesbian people as being immoral or as being “sick” there are always going to be people out there advertising themselves as doctors, or therapists that can “fix” your child and for a small fee too by the way.