Informed From ALL Sides Before Childbirth, Do Docs Take it Too Far?

The support group will try to inform women of the risks associated with any form of medical intervention during birth such as epidural, induction or C-section delivery.

“We are not anti-hospital or anti-medical,” Epsteen said. “We want women to be educated about their choices in birth.”

Jones-Smith delivered her daughter, Eden Smith, about four months ago.

“I figured if I did everything right and did all my research I would not end up with (a C-section),” the 29-year-old said.

But she did. She’s co-leading the local ICAN group to help educate but also to help heal, she said. “It was partially for my own healing,” said Jones-Smith, who lives in Lafayette. “I felt like this would be a way of helping myself heal and getting the message out there.””

Similar to the Ricki Lake film we watched in class, this is a support group with aims to inform mothers about their options in the delivery room and to help them from being “scared into” surgery. Personally, I never noticed the issue in this situation until after we watched the film in class. I have noticed that many people I know have had a c-section because something “may” have been damaging to the baby, but I bet that most of them could have given birth naturally just fine.  I do like this group because I do think that women should be informed from all sides before giving birth, because like the film said: A woman will NEVER forget until the day that she dies the experience she had when giving birth. And that is so true, it is one of the most (probably THE most) powerful experience in your life if you have children. However, I personally have not had this kind of experience with OB/GYNs I felt that they were very respectful of my choices and can not imagine them pressuring me into a medical intervention I was not comfortable with. I think that any doctors who are doing this to mothers should probably be re-evaluated because that just doesn’t seem right to me.

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