Hey Hey no no Chick fil a has got to go!

After being surpised that chick fil a can/will fire people based on their sexual orientation I knew I had to post something about it.I think its crazy that people who commit murder and rape are given jobs and able to work at places like chick fil a but somebody that has done nonthing wrong can get fired for being who they are? Even though most Christians belive that being homosexual is not right,Christians are also suppose to show love to all our brothers and sisters and pray for them.Its not very christ-like to fire someone who may really need their job because of who they love.
Anyways we have a chickfila on campus what do you think we sould do? Find out what happened to the chickfila at Indiana Unviversity south bend by reading here

Pic 1 pic 2


Posted on July 6, 2011, in Cultural Representations of Gender. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I was really surprised by this as well. I’m hoping that more people find out about this and shun the corporation.

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