Discrimination Against Overweight Applicants at Google?

Google has been talked about as a company that takes extremely good care of it’s employees, but this story paints a less than great picture of discriminatory hiring practices at the company.  A woman faces discrimination on the grounds of being female, a minority, or a mother in hiring practices, and also because they are heavier.  Hiring employees should not take weight, sexual orientation, or motherhood into effect, so why can’t we amend equal opportunity policies to include those groups and actually enforce the policies?

Posted on July 6, 2011, in Education, Achievement, and Work, Gender, the Body, and the Self. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. i dont see how being overweight effects job performance or the other things described above. ethnicity, race, whatever should not be the judge of what career you choose. your resume` is the only thing needed to work and by that should you be hired, not for anything else.

  2. I always saw google as a cutting edge company and a company that by its own employees admition is a very good company to work for but i can’t believe they discriminate when it comes to hiring employees. It’s crazy to think that its perfectly legal to discriminate and there are no laws to protect you against it. Google is a multi million dollar company if anyone can make changes in the way companies hire and fire its google.

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