A Dress is NOT a Yes. SlutWalk Protests


I can remember in the second grade I was on the daycare bus and one of the fourth graders called me a slut. I remember going home that night, and asking my mom “Mommy, what is a slut?” She looked into my big blue 7-year-old eyes and said “Where in the world did you hear that word?” I told her how the girls at daycare always call people that and she told me “That just means its a mean girl who wears a lot of makeup.” I remember in 6th grade when I was part of the “mean girl” scene and thinking, wait a minute, we all wear makeup and we are mean girls, we must be sluts. In high school the word is thrown around thousands of times a day and it still makes me cringe. I have never become numb to this word, it is a terrible thing to say. This article discusses the word slut and the SlutWalk protests.


“The SlutWalk protests were born out of anger at the words of one Toronto policeman, who earlier this year told a group of students that if women want to avoid being “victimized,” they should avoid “dressing like sluts.” Cut to a few months later, and protests against this kind of reasoning – that it’s women’s responsibility to avoid rape, rather than men’s responsibility not to commit rape – are being held all over the world. SlutWalks were recently held in Los Angeles, Chicago, Sydney, and Cardiff, Wales. Soon, Edinburgh, New York, Johannesburg and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan will follow suit.”

This policemans words made me cringe, regardless of what a woman is wearing she is NEVER “asking” to be raped or victimized. If I walked around butt naked 24/7 that does not mean I deserve to be raped. And it’s funny how the way a man dresses is almost NEVER correlated with his “sluttiness.” Men are expected to go shirtless a majority of the time, and if they walked outside in their boxers nobody would say a peep, but if a girl is wearing a dress that shows the body she’s proud of, she is “asking” to be raped??!?!?! Are we kidding people?!!!!

(The poster says: SEX is something people do TOGETHER, NOT something you do TO someone else!)

I can not help but constantly wonder why a girls “sluttiness” is one of the main things we are concerned about and judgemental about, but a mans sluttiness is his biggest prize, and he is praised and high-fived for it. Men are allowed to have sex for fun, because SEX IS FUN. But women who have sex for fun are sluts and deserve to be raped?! I am appaled.

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  1. Great Posts! I agree, just because girls dress a certain way does not mean they are Sluts. I think the word is used to loosely. There again the lack of education. I think that the word is very negative. I agree that nobody deserves rape, no matter how they dress. Some women are just comfortable with their bodies. I probably would’nt walk around dressed a certain way, but that is just me. I think the term is used today so commonly that people think that it is ok!!

  2. Im a little confused about the “perception” poster. But I do agree with you saying that men are givien praise for having sex but when those women who they have sex with are judged they are considered unholy and are degraded with the word slut. If someone is out having sex what they do is their personal business and discriminating and judging what women do based off what they wear is a generalization. When you have seen more than one female dress a certain way and do certain things your thoughts are skewed so its not fair to put all women in the same category.

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