The Fatherless Cycle: Caused by Devaluing Men?

“Devaluing men has resulted in throngs of adult males who are anything but men, having been raised by women who placed no value on men—including the ones they were raising. This only adds to the number of fathers who have no idea how to stand up and be men or fathers.

Some women have become so comfortable devaluing men that many now celebrate Father’s Day by claiming that they are holding both the male and female role in parenting. The subtext is screaming that men are so unnecessary that women can fill in their role and nothing will be missing.

The problem is that a great deal will still be missing. For example, a woman cannot provide a child with male modeling, something crucial to the development of a child’s social coping skills.

Without male modeling, boys will be unable to interact with men and so will struggle to fully develop as men. Girls will be unable to understand interactions with men and so will struggle in relationships, dating and subsequent motherhood. Both will grow up believing that men are unnecessary.”


Close to 40% of Americans grow up without a father.   According to this article posted about devaluing men, as a society, we are constantly flaking away the value of men, acting as though they are completely useless. Single mothers are always trying to prove that they don’t need a man and that them and their children will be fine without a man, because she can do his job. More and more children are growing up without fathers, and they are typcially being raised by these “don’t need a man, they are no good anyway” mothers. Therefore, the children are trained to think that men are useless and also see no value in them. Could this be why so many men are walking out on their “baby mamas” these days? Maybe these little boys were trained to think that men do no good anyway, and a mom can do the job without a man and probably do it better. Perhaps this is why men walk away, because they feel they have no value anyway? They have learned the “unimportance” of a man and a father in the family, so they feel like they don’t need to step up either. I am not sure if this is completely accurate information, or what it really means, but it is a very interesting idea to think about.

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  1. I agree that society makes it seem as if men are useless when it comes to raising children, but studies show that having a male influence is beneficial to children. Unfortanatly a lot of men are listening to society because the number of single mothers is growing at alarming rates and although those women may not need a man around but it helps to have someone else to share the load of work and childcaring.

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