Metaphors About Menstruation

Picture and Article found Here

This article gives men the 7 rules to menstruation and drives their point home by picking scenes from movies.

I find this to be offensive as well as demeaning, men think they know periods but I believe no man has ever experienced one personally. So the fact that they make parallels to movies that are so clearly wrong just amazes me. As you can see from this picture the 7 rules are based on how a woman’s period ruins everything. I would encourage you to follow the link and gain a bit of knowledge about periods.




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  1. I found this offensive and demeaning as well. I think the guy is trying to be humorous and also make fun of men possibly. But I can’t be too sure on what his intentions are. I found it incredibly offensive, rule #1 I believe and it talked about how men would have to cover and protect their car seats from women possibly leaking blood onto their seats. Very offensive and I’ve worried about that personally myself as a young teen girl when my periods were very heavy if I was going to leak onto a seat. I just hope not many young girls find it and read it and get even more self conscious about it and their bodies. I just feel it completely demeans women and our experience with our bodies.

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