Men Confess Their Love 97.3 Days after Start of a Relationship??


According to this article, men consider saying those three little words six weeks before women do!

“If spoken later in a relationship, men “may fear commitment”, it said. Women, however, do not trust men who say “I love you” too early.”

Why is it that women do not trust men who say “I love you,” too early? Is it because it seems as though they are just saying it and they don’t really mean it?


I think this is a very interesting article and an interesting thing to research! I would love to know more on the different ideas and feelings that men and women have regarding relationships. Although, the study only reviewed 45 men and women, I don’t think it can be considered super accurate. But still, I think that it is highly interesting and maybe something that should be further studied!

Posted on June 17, 2011, in Relationships and Sexuality. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. This is pretty interesting. You always see in movies and on TV how women are always looking for commitment, and met are reluctant to commit. I think this is really interesting. I wonder what it is that makes men wait longer than women to commit. I also wonder women get suspicious if a man says I love you too early. It seems as women also have this idea that “if a man commits to early, he must not really mean it. Something is fishy.”

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