95% of Americans have had Sex before Marriage, Why are We Still Preaching Abstinence??

USA Today reported that 95% of Americans are having sex before marriage, then why are schools STILL preaching abstinence only?! Maybe if the schools would teach other methods of sexual health, then we could greatly reduce the rates of Teen STDS and pregnancy! Is it possible that students are catching an abundance of sexually transmitted diseases and getting pregnant because they are not being fully educated? Students KNOW that they aren’t supposed to do it, but the fact is, they are doing it anyway. So instead of turning a blind eye to what is going on, perhaps we should just accept what we cannot change and try and prevent more problems from occuring?!


At least if students were taught how to prevent pregnancy if they DO choose to have sex, we may be able to reduce a large number of devastating statistics in our culture. Including, poverty rate, abortion rate, and kids being raised in single parent homes. I am not sure which idea is “right or wrong,” but maybe it is something our culture needs to reconsider.

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